Chuck Billy Says There Was ‘Concern’ That Steve DiGiorgio Might Leave Testament For Megadeth

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It was reported earlier this year that Testament bassist Steve DiGiorgio would be helping out Megadeth on what would be their newest studio album, The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead!. During a recent conversation with Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk, Testament frontman Chuck Billy was asked about Steve’s time away from the band; specifically, he is asked if he was concerned if Steve might leave Testament for Megadeth.

Ultimately, Chuck says there was a good deal of worry regarding Steve’s time away from Testament. Here is everything Chuck Billy had to say regarding Steve being away from the band and working with Megadeth. The following was transcribed by Blabbermouth:

“Well, of course. We’re definitely always concerned that… We’ve had so many lineup changes, it wouldn’t faze us. But Steve’s an important part of the band; he was a great addition when he came back. And we went through a lot together personally. So, of course, when you get the opportunity to play on it, and I’m sure they were courting him to join the band. I’m glad he made the decision to stay with us.

“I think his intentions always were just, ‘I’ll go record the record,’ ’cause that’s what Steve does — he plays on a lot of people’s albums. So we kind of took it as that at first. And I thought, ‘That’s what he does.’ ‘Go for it, Steve. Just don’t leave.’ [Laughs] And I’m sure they asked him to join the band. And he decided, ‘You know, I’ve been with my bros here for a long time. I’m gonna stick with my bros.'”

We are glad to hear that things ultimately worked out between everyone! What are your thoughts regarding Steve DiGiorgio’s bass performance throughout The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead!? Between the bassists who have recently played for Megadeth, do you prefer Steve or that of James LoMenzo?