Band Guitarist Chris Shiflett Confirms That The Foo Fighters Will Be Making Another Album

christopher simon, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Via a recent interview with The Plug With Justin Jay (as transcribed by  NME), band guitarist Chris Shiflett says that the Foo Fighters will in fact be making another album.

Shiflett was asked if any interviewers have been asking him about new Foo Fighters music; while the guitarist does mention that new music will be coming (at some point), he also speaks to what it has been like navigating those types of questions. Per Chris:

“Most people that I’ve encountered have been respectful about it or try to avoid it. It probably will be [more of a thing] when we ever get around to putting out another Foo Fighters record and go back into the promo boogie woogie.

“I remember that when I joined Foo Fighters, it was 1999 so it was a while after Kurt Cobain had died but I would watch interviewers twist themselves in knots trying to ask Dave [Grohl] about it but not ask. I would think it would turn into that kinda thing.”

Chris went on to add that “people are pretty respectful but it’s made me reconsider everything I thought I knew about Jim Morrison dying, or Randy Rhoads or any of those rock & roll tragedies”.

Shiflett then brings up that he has heard some conspiracy theories regarding Taylor Hawkins’ passing and how that shit really pisses him off. Per Chris:

“There’s people out there saying shit like Dave killed Taylor by making him get the COVID vaccine. You’re going to turn it into that? Fuck you. I try not to pay attention to it but it does make you angry because that shit is just disrespectful.”

We agree – when such a horrible thing has taken place, it feels crappy and disrespectful to go about bringing up via conspiracy theories and negative gossip. We hope that Taylor is at peace, and whenever the band is ready, we are excited to hear new tunes from them.