Chris Barnes Really Wants You To Know He’s Not A Boomer + That He Doesn’t Like The Beatles

John Lennon: The Beatles Facebook / Chris Barnes: Francisco Peres Gomez, CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication, Wikipedia
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In the latest news of Chris Barnes saying something positive…. lol no, we are just pulling your leg. The ex-Cannibal Corpse frontman has never been shy to share his opinions on things; that said, Chris has also been known to be a real grump about shit.

As reported by Ultimate Guitar, Barnes recently felt the need to share his feelings about The Beatles over on his Twitter. As to what provoked this comment – who knows when it comes to Chris Barnes. Per his initial tweet though, Barnes wrote, “I fucking hate The Beatles. There I said it, now you know.”

Now of course – it is almost expected at this point – but when Barnes talks shit, there is always someone who comes around to talk shit about him. One Twitter user actually replied to Chris’ tweet and wrote the following: “Wow, guy who can’t sing hates people who can. Shocking”

Another Twitter user then replied to Barnes’ tweet and wrote, “Now this is a Boomer I can respect! LOL, keep it heavy brother!” Now, while this could obviously be read as playful – maybe there is even a level of sincerity to the comment – it was still enough to piss off Barnes… because everything pisses off Chris.

In replying to that comment, the ex-Cannibal Corpse frontman wrote back, “I’m not a boomer. I’m Gen X, get your dates right, dawg…”

Damn Chris, it might help to get outside, breath in some clean air, maybe smile a little bit. When it comes to other pissy matters involving Barnes, he had some not nice things to say about the upcoming Pantera shows. Earlier this year, he also spoke to how much he hates the modern death metal scene.

You can find photos of this recent Twitter engagement below (photos were found via Ultimate Guitar).