Behemoth Thought Of Playing In Ukraine For Their Livestream Event In Order To Present An ‘Important Political Statement’

Andreas Lawen, Fotandi, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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As of recently, Behemoth performed a special livestream event to promote their latest album, Opvs Contra Natvram. But per band frontman Nergal, the band originally wanted the band to perform in Ukraine (in order to make a great political statement).

This livestreaming event took place on top of Warsaw’s Palace Of Culture And Science; per a video interview with Rock Sound, Nergal said that Behemoth would have liked to have performed the live streaming event in Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine). They thought that, by playing there, they could make a powerful statement. Here is what Nergal had to say about the matter:

“We were trying to do something big around the release date. And I’ve been talking about that for months and months, [bringing up] different ideas. We even had an idea to go and perform somewhere in Kyiv, Ukraine. Yeah, we were actually making contacts with some productions out there. We were thinking, not only can [we] just make an artistic statement, but we can also make a very important political statement.

“I use my platforms – I use the stage and I use even talking in interviews – to mention things that I consider very relevant and righteous. So we were thinking, ‘Maybe we should fucking go to Kyiv and do it on top of some building. Maybe if there’s a bombing, we should fucking go underground, like U2 did’ – Bono and Edge, they performed in a metro, underground. And we were just bouncing back all those ideas. But eventually we ended up [filming the livestream event in Warsaw, because it made more sense] logistically, economically, even though it was still fucking pricey.”

Below you can find the full video interview featuring Nergal. You can also find the full video that features Behemoth’s performance on top of the Warsaw Palace Of Culture And Science below. Behemoth’s new album Opvs Contra Natvram is out now.