Another Pantera Performance Has Been Announced For This December

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Back in August, Pantera announced their first new shows in nearly two decades. Of course, these shows feature the line-up of Phil Anselmo, Rex Brown, Charlie Benante (as band drummer), and Zakk Wylde (as guitarist). Come this December, the band will be taking part in Knotfest: South America!

Also in December, the band will be playing another festival, that one being Monterrey Metal Fest. This festival is located in Monterrey, Mexico, and Pantera will be performing alongside Judas Priest, Behemoth, and Mercyful Fate.

We assume that, come 2023, we will start to hear about the band playing even more shows. It is awesome for fans old and new to be able to hear such classic metal songs once again being played live. Are you planning on attending any of these upcoming shows?

There have been a great deal of opinions when it comes to these live tribute Pantera shows. Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger is personally excited, having recently shared, “All Phil has to do is just get up there and crush it.”

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor is also excited, having shared the following last month: “I know everybody in the [current Pantera] band; I knew everybody in the prior band. So it’s interesting. I know there’s a lot of debate about it. All I’m going to say is that I’m stoked to see these songs played live. I’m stoked to see it done with respect.”

But while there are those who are pumped up for these shows, there are those that are not super thrilled. The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins is somewhat on the fence when it comes to this matter, and ex-Cannibal Corpse singer Chris Barnes has shared some not so subtle feelings. Hell, back in the day, ex-Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler encouraged the late Vinnie Paul to not reunite with the band.