An Exhibition Dedicated To Norwegian Black Metal Is On The Way

Gaahl: Vassil, CC BY 3.0, Wikipedia
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It isn’t every day that you hear that a subgenre of metal is getting its own exhibition – but that seems to be the case for Norwegian black metal!

Announced via the Inferno Festival Norway Instagram account, there is to be a special Norwegian black metal exhibition opening in 2023. It will be located in Oslo, Norway, and metalheads will be able to learn about the history of this infamous musical genre. The following additional information has been provided via the Inferno Festival Norway Instagram account:

“Exhibition about Norwegian black metal at the National Library of Norway

“In April 2023, the National Library in Oslo, opens a new exhibition investigating the dark and chaotic feelings of Norwegian black metal. Drawing from the library’s rich collection, the exhibition references ancient Norwegian cultural history and shows black metal as a music form with a distinct artistic expression The exhibition conveys how Norwegian black metal has had an impact far beyond Norwegian borders with a vast number of international followers.

“The National Library of Norway invites fans and other lovers of music and cultural history to dig deep and explore Norwegian black metal as a music genre and a cultural phenomenon. There will be guided tours every day of the festival week.”

If you are a fan of black metal, is this something you would be interested in traveling to see? If you got to pick, what subgenre of metal would you like to see an exhibition for? Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to interview Matt Heafy of Trivium; Matt put out a black metal album this year titled Rashomon (under the name Ibaraki). We talked a lot about black metal, and if you want to read our full interview, follow this link here.


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