‘A fan’s love cannot be punished’: A Waitress Got Fired From Her Job For Leaking A Video Of Axl Rose

Raph_PH, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Never could we have imagined that someone could get fired from their job for releasing an innocent video of a celebrity, but apparently that is the case for one waitress who took a video of Axl Rose. As reported by Boletim Amazonia (the story has been translated via Google Translate), a waitress who used to work at the Hotel Juma has since been let go for leaking a video of Rose.

Guns N’ Roses were staying at the hotel, and with this woman being a super big fan of the band, she did what any fan might do – took a video of them. Per the video shared via the Boletim Amazonia article, it would be quite the stretch to consider this footage scandalous; all Axl is doing is waving at some fans and walking around the hotel. People already know he and the band are there it seems.

While being interviewed about getting fired from her job, the woman ended up turning around and slightly pulled down her pants, as to show a Guns N’ Roses related tattoo she has. Speaking to this incident, she  shared the following regarding her interaction with the band and being fired (translated via Google Translate):

“I’m a big fan, I just wanted you to understand my feelings. I didn’t run to them, I didn’t make a fuss, I served them with great emotion. It’s the best band of all time, it’s our history and that’s for us, it’s not fair.”

When other people heard of what happened to her – and having seen her so upset in the moment of being fired – they started screaming at the hotel’s management as a form of protest. A man who was among these people said, “A fan’s love cannot be punished.”

This is some bullshit if we do say so ourselves. It might be one thing if the person took a video of Axl Rose doing something private and/or personal, but as one can see from the video footage – all the dude is doing is walking around and waving at fans.

You can check out the video that the woman took of Axl via this link here.

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