Watch a Tour of Rob & Sheri Moon Zombie’s $7 Million Hollywood Hills Compound

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A few years back, Rob & Sheri Moon purchased 2 adjacent homes in the Hollywood Hills for a combined $7 million price tag, and then combined the real estate into their very own secluded compound.

While the interior of the home doesn’t look quite as badass as the home that Zombie toured in his 2002 legendary MTV Cribs episode, it’s likely that the interior visuals shown in the video below are from before Rob & Sheri Moon moved in and decorated. We recently posted another video that showed Rob giving a tour of a “horror” basement that he built in one of the homes, which he uses as a mini-museum of sorts to house sentimental memorabilia from his own horror movies.

A $7 million investment for the Zombies feels like a bit of a drop in the bucket, given the fact that so many of Rob’s own movies have been wildly profitable. And that’s not even accounting for his insanely successful music career with White Zombie and then for many years on his own as a solo artist. The couple also likely received a pretty payday for the upcoming Munsters film that was bankrolled (or sold) to Netflix.

Hell, Rob Zombie’s even gone so far as to state that he could’ve retired off of White Zombie’s success alone, explaining that these days he basically takes on projects for the passion as he doesn’t need the loot:

“I don’t do anything for the money. I don’t need to. I could have retired after White Zombie and been just fine. Money doesn’t matter. But there is still a good living to be made, even in the niche. The funny thing is, as time goes on, the niche stuff gets bigger and bigger.”

Anyways, enough money talk. Talking about what it must be look to be an an insanely rich film maker and rock star is fun, but you came to see what the Zombie’s current home looks like. Watch the video below:

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