‘We all learned this shit by ourselves’: Vended’s Griffin Taylor + Simon Crahan Talk About Their Slipknot Dads

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Among the younger bands to hit the metal scene in recent years, Vended have been getting a lot of attention. Part of it certainly has to do with the band’s awesome blend of industrial nu metal, but part of it might also have to do with two members being the children of Slipknot members.

Vended’s vocalist, Griffin Taylor, is the son of Slipknot singer Corey Taylor, and band drummer Simon Crahan is the son of Slipknot percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan. During a recent interview with Kerrang!, both Griffin and Simon spoke to a variety of subjects – among those subjects was the topic of their fathers.

When the topic of their Slipknot dads comes up, both Griffin Taylor and Simon Crahan share how, while they have received some help from their dads, the music they create is of their own work and efforts. Simon starts off talking about the matter, sharing the following:

“Yeah, we got more help than other bands do and I’m honest about that. I’m not going to say we didn’t because that’s not fair to who our fathers are. They’ve helped us, but they have never, ever, ever, written our music, never showed us how to play, never showed us how to perform onstage, they’ve never done any of that. When people say, ‘Oh, Griffin’s dad’s probably showing him how to scream how he does,’ Griff is learning on his fucking own.”

Griffin then speaks up and says:

“I started learning how to scream in middle school and my dad was out in Vegas [where he lives]. I understand when people say, ‘Oh, they got all of their musical talent from their fathers.’ I understand where people come from with that, because of genes or just the way a voice is built or someone’s reflexes are built, but we didn’t get our parents’ musical talent. We found that on our own.”

Simon then adds the following:

“My dad never showed me how to play the drums. Maybe he showed me little things, but I learned that shit by myself – we all learned this shit by ourselves. To think that some people actually think our dads help us like that, I can see what they’re talking about, but we’re a bunch of fucking talented 18, 19, 20-year-olds that are trying to show the world that anyone can fucking do it. People can just fuck right off, half the time.”

What are your thoughts on Vended? Do you think they sound similar, or different, compared to Slipknot?

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