Watch: Well, It Finally Happened Folks – Tommy Lee Pulled Out His ‘Wiener’ Onstage During A Live Show

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Well folks, Tommy Lee has finally done it – he has pulled out his “wiener” and showed it to a live audience. During a recent show in Los Angeles, the Mötley Crüe drummer stepped away from his drums and whipped out his “wiener.” The audience were shocked and in awe.

At another show, prior to this incident, Lee had told the audience what prompted him to post that infamous nude photo of his. Footage of this new Tommy Lee “Wiener” incident has not only been uploaded to YouTube, but of course, Lee has shared it himself via his Instagram. You can find both of these videos below – do brace yourself.


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What do you think? Wasn’t expecting a wiener dog, were you? Tommy knows how to work a crowd and he really pulled one over on them here. A+ comedy Tommy Lee!

In other news related to Tommy Lee’s junk, Five Finger Death Punch singer Ivan Moody recently commented on Lee’s nude photo. The wife of Cannibal Corpse guitarist Rob Barrett also created an artistic interpretation of Lee’s nude. Tommy Lee’s wife also posted a reaction video involving his dick pic.

In other Mötley Crüe related news, ex-band frontman John Corabi reached out to band members Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx looking for some possible guidance, and was very unhappy with how they replied to him. We also recently learned how much money is made per night (on average) regarding Mötley Crüe’s The Stadium Tour (and it is A LOT of money). At another Mötley Crüe concert, a fan was seriously injured after having fallen off of a balcony!

Andy McCoy of Hanoi Rocks,  recently opened up about his issues with Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx; Sixx then decided to post something on Twitter in response to McCoy’s words.

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