Photo: Tommy Lee Is Trending On Social Media After Uploading A Pic Of His Junk Online

Eggplant: Horst Frank, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikipedia / Tommy Lee: Motley Crue Facebook
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As reported by Metal Hammer, Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee is now trending due to having uploaded a picture of his junk onto social media. Was this an accident Mr. Lee? The photo of Lee’s genitalia was uploaded early this morning, but the photo has since been deleted. Lee’s dick pic apparently was posted on all his social media accounts.

If you take a look on Twitter right now, you will see that Lee is currently “trending” – while some folks did not get to see Lee’s dick pic in time, others did. There are several reactions online pertaining to Tommy Lee’s dick pic (several of those reactions you can find below).

The latest post on Lee’s Instagram is the following:


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A post shared by Tommy Lee (@tommylee)

Comments on this post involve gems like: “So we just gon pretend nothing happened huh” and “We need answers,” as well as “….. so we not gonna talk ab the last post?”

UPDATE: It looks like Consequence have provided a censored version of the Tommy Lee dick pic photo, which you can find below:


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A post shared by Consequence (@consequence)


We can’t confirm at this time why Lee thought it was a good idea to upload his junk to social media – but Tommy, it looks like the people want answers. Below you can find several Twitter reactions to Tommy Lee posting his genitalia online.

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