Watch: This Live Set From God’s Hate Is Pure Chaos + We Are Here For Every Second Of It

Photo credit: Rebecca Lader (from God's Hate Twitter)
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God’s Hate is a hardcore band founded by Colin Young of Twitching Tongues and All Elite Wrestling (AEW) superstar Brody King. The band recently played the hardcore/metal festival Sound and Fury, and they provided audiences one hell of a fucking set.

If you have ever been to a hardcore show, then you know those pits get fucking rowdy. Below, via the YouTube channel StayThicc, footage of the entire God’s Hate set from Sound and Fury has been uploaded. What you will find is pure chaos. Brody King and the rest of the band command the crowd, their performance exuding an aggressive and thrilling energy. Folks are crowd-killing in the pit and on stage, people are diving off the stage, and there are even folks getting hit with broken down cardboard boxes. This band and this crowd go HARD.

At the time of this writing, God’s Hate have released one EP (2014’s Divine Injustice), along with two albums (2016’s Mass Murder and the self-titled 2021 record). Below we have included a Bandcamp audio player pertaining to that self-titled release; you can also find the video footage of the band’s Sound and Fury set below.

In this footage, you may also recognize someone – that being the woman who performs a “pussy slam” on stage. We wrote about her in an article the other day. If you want to check out footage pertaining to that specific moment, you can follow the link below.

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Speaking of Brody King, we recently shared a really awesome story involving the God’s Hate frontman. At a recent autograph signing event, AEW star Brody King picked up a fellow wrestler and slammed him right through a table. Folks, it goes without saying – but this is really fucking cool to watch. King even threw the same wrestler off a stage during a Code Orange show! Links to these stories can be found below.

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