This Fake Video of Kirk Hammett ‘Reacting’ to New Megadeth is Still Pretty Hilarious

Dave photo by Ralph Arvesen via Wikipedia. Kirk via YouTube.
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Metallica and Megadeth: a tale as old as time. Dave Mustaine has spent the better part of a few decades publicly lamenting the fact that he is no longer a member of the world’s biggest metal band. He’s broadcasted his feelings at every chance available, from that now legendary Some Kind of Monster scene with Lars, to dozens (or more) of interviews, like the one we unearthed recently where Dave shared some pretty direct feelings about Metallica’s Black Album:

“You know I talked to Lars the other day and I told him when I listened to his record [The Black Album] I said you know I thought that ‘The Unforgiven’ was the best song in the whole album and I listened to his whole album and this was [about the first time I heard it was almost a year ago or something]. And he goes ‘man that really meant a lot to me man’ you know and I went well you know I mean I really don’t really care too much for the rest of the album because that song means so much more than everything else because the chords were innovative and it was really cool.”

On one hand, yeah, getting kicked out of a band that has gone on to sell 1 billion dollars in concert ticket revenue and god knows how many millions of albums has gotta sting for eternity. On the other, Megadeth has had a prettttttty incredible and successful career. We’d say it’s all worked out pretty well for Dave in the end.

Given the history here, it was hard not to get suckered into the YouTube click when this video of Kirk Hammett having some pretty zany reactions to new Megadeth music showed up in our feed. The video below of Kirk reacting to Megadeth’s single ‘We’ll Be Back’ is clearly (unfortunately) a fake, most noticeably because it was shot during a promotional tour for Hardwired… to Self-Destruct circa 2016. Regardless, a whole lot of folks in the YouTube comments are taking this at face value and not realizing the prank. Fake or not, it made us chuckle so we’re sharing here for you. Enjoy.


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