The Pit’s Favorite Riffs: Five New Metal Songs To Headbang To 8/5

Grywnn, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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So much new metal is coming out each week, so we understand if it can be a lot for some folks to keep up with everything – hence why we are here to help.

In this new weekly feature of ours titled The Pit’s Favorite Riffs, we will highlight five of the most killer metal songs that have recently been released.

While we will of course cover some major bands/artists from time to time, we really want to use this as a platform to shed light on more underground acts; bands that are not only kicking major ass in today’s scene, but also helping to elevate the genre. You can expect to find everything from death metal to thrash, black metal to grindcore, noise to sludge, and so much more.

Without further ado, here are five recent metal songs we can’t stop headbanging too!

Vermin Womb – “Rot in Hell” – It’s almost the weekend, so why not start things off with some real ugly and pissed off grindcore? Vermin Womb (a band that features Primitive Man‘s Ethan Lee McCarthy) is relentless chaos through and through. The band have just recently announced an upcoming record titled Retaliation and have dropped three new songs. Honestly, each and every single song is fantastic as fuck, but we decided to feature “Rot in Hell.”

World of Pleasure – “Domination 2” – In a hardcore mood? Then you should be checking out World of Pleasure. This straight-edge vegan hardcore act recently put out a new EP titled World Pleasure & Friends, and off that release, we are really into the cut “Domination 2.” The track goes hard af with shredding guitars and blistering drums that rapidly beat down.

Soulfly – “Spirit Animal” – We recently interviewed Max Cavalera and got to learn a lot about the band’s new record Totem. While the record itself is an amazing banger, the track “Spirit Animal” is something real special. The track is sonically captivating a ride, featuring a great plethora of musical styles. This is an incredible cut and our personal favorite song off of Totem.

Get The Shot – “Bloodbather” – Bad ass hardcore from up North? Sign us up! This Canadian hardcore outfit doesn’t mess around when it comes to releasing neck-breaking aggressive tunes. Off their latest release, Bloodbather, we are big fans of the self-titled cut; it’s impossible to hear this song and not want to get up and stomp around your workplace.

Body Void – “Burn” & “Drown” – Okay so for this last one, we are going to cheat a little and include two songs from this band. We’ve mentioned Body Void in a couple of our past features (because honestly, this is one of the heaviest bands on the fucking planet). The band have recently released a new EP titled Burn The Homes Of Those Who Seek To Control Our Bodies. Body Void don’t shy away when it comes to speaking out against the injustices of the world, and these two tracks exude pure anger and chilling doom-noise.

Of course this is but a small taste of the many awesome metal releases that are out today. What are some new metal songs/albums that you are listening to now or plan to check out over the course of this weekend?