The Pit’s Favorite Riffs: Five New Metal Songs To Headbang To 8/12

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Welcome back to the second installment of The Pit’s Favorite Riffs, where we share five new killer metal songs that have recently came out and that we love! Here are the metal songs we highlighted from last week!

As always, our goal with this feature is to shine a light on more underground metal bands. This week, we are bringing you a nice variety of deathcore, alternative metal, death metal, and more!

SpiritWorld ft. Dwid Hellion of Integrity – “Moonlit Torture” Start your weekend off with some pissed off hardcore and rock-infused metal. SpiritWorld exude a riveting ferocity through their music, and their new song “Moonlit Torture” is a testament to their brand of adrenaline. This track also features Dwid from Integrity, who brings an added element of ferocity to the cut.

Death Dealer Union ft. Lena Scissorhands – “Beneath The Surface” Death Dealer Union is an alternative metal act with killer melody. They just dropped a new single “Beneath The Surface ” today, and shared a few words with us about it: “We are very proud and excited to release our second single and first song from our upcoming self titled debut EP. This song is the culmination and product of a true collaboration between all members of the band and which represents our unique sound for melodic alternative metal. ”

Boris – “She is Burning” Throughout their three decade career thus far, Boris have released a plethora of fascinating songs. Blending rock, punk, metal, and noise all together, Boris make for one of the most experimental and technically intriguing acts in the world of music. While the band released a record earlier this year, today they released another album, titled Heavy Rocks; among the songs on this album, we wanted to highlight “She is Burning.”

Internal Organs External – “Cybernetic Rebirth” Maybe you need something extra fucking heavy for the weekend. Brutal slam is a sub-genre of death metal full of gnarly vocal techniques, blistering drum work, and utterly crushing riffs. We came across the song “Cybernetic Rebirth” by Internal Organs External, and holy shit does this song SLAM! Prepare yourself for some brutal sonic insanity.

Marthe – “Victimized” Marzia is a multi-instrumentalist who is responsible for the black metal project MarthePer a press release associated with their signing to Southern Lord, “Marzia describes the Marthe project as Antifascist, feminist and misanthropic.” Their new single, “Victimized,” is a remarkable blend of black metal and punk attitude, which all comes together to brilliantly show off Marzia’s musical talents.

Of course, this is but a small taste of the many awesome metal releases that are out today. What are some new metal songs/albums that you are listening to now or plan to check out over the course of this weekend?