The Margera Family Asks For A Stop To The ‘Free Bam’ Movement

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Jackass star Bam Margera has been making strong efforts towards being sober. Back this past May, Margera celebrated one year of sobriety; however, back in June, there were reports coming out saying that he had fled a facility he was supposed to be at regarding treatment (however, it was later reported that he was found).

During this time in Bam’s life, a movement has came about titled “Free Bam”; a similar sentiment was used as a hashtag by Bam back when he fled that treatment facility (that hashtag being “#bamsfree”). Per Bam’s family, other people using this phrase has “caused confusion and threat to Bam and our families.” The family has provided a statement regarding this movement via Bam’s Instagram account. Per the photos shared in this post, the following statement has been provided:

“It’s no secret that Bam has struggled with mental health and addiction. You’ve watched Bam grow up and supported him through his ups and downs. Our family has let you into the chaos that is our home, and we want nothing more than to continue this journey together.

“The ‘Free Bam’ movement caused confusion and threat to Bam and our families. Although we love sharing our lives with you, some things need to be handled privately, and treatment is one of them. Recovery is difficult and even more so under public scrutiny.

“Despite rumors, Bam has never been in a conservatorship but rather a temporary healthcare guardianship for reasons not shared with the public. If Bam chooses to speak to this, he will when he is ready. The ‘Free Bam’ theorists have encouraged his exit from treatment, despite their lacking knowledge of the details, his health, and well-being.

“We kindly ask you to respect the process and our family. As our extended family, we ask for you to support Bam in his recovery, to stay on track, and wish him well with his sobriety. With heart, The Margera Family.”

Per the caption associated with these photos, the following is shared:

Bam is currently in treatment and we are helping him with his social media while he focuses on his recovery. We are his family who love and communicate with him to collaborate on his content and updates. With much appreciation, we thank his former healthcare guardian, @limafromaura, for all she contributed. Thank you to everyone for your support during this wild ride. With Heart – The Margera Family”

You can find the full statement from the Margera family below. We wish Bam all the best in his recovery <3


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