Watch: The Late Oderus Urungus Once Called Rob Zombie’s Movies ‘Derivative Crap’ + Said Sheri Moon Zombie Can’t Act

Rob Zombie: Rob Zombie Facebook / Oderus Urungus: Libertinus, CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikipedia / Sheri Moon Zombie: Lions Gate Films & Tiberius Film
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Today would have been the late Oderus Urungus’ 59th birthday. The GWAR frontman was one of the most raunchy, hilarious, and talented dudes in the world of music. Along with his fellow band members, Oderus (aka, Dave Brockie), helped to shape GWAR into the remarkable musical force that it is today.

Like all the members of the band, Oderus was known for providing fun and goofy interviews. We came across an old interview involving Oderus Urungus that really caught our attention; not only does it feature the late GWAR frontman being his funny as hell self, but it also features him throwing a bunch of shit at that of horror-rocker Rob Zombie.

This interview was conducted by Sofa King Cool back in 2013 (uploaded via the SOFAKINGCOOLONLINE YouTube channel). During this conversation, a variety of topics are discussed; at one point, the interviewer asks Oderus if there is anyone who has pissed him off; eventually, Oderus does end up bringing up that of Rob Zombie. Oderus says (as transcribed by The Pit):

“A lot of people think I hate Rob Zombie; I don’t hate Rob Zombie, I mean, Rob Zombie’s great if you’re a 12 year old boy [laughs].” Oderus is then asked if he’s a fan of Zombie’s Halloween movies, to which he says, “The remakes? That are bad? No not at all. I think they suck.”

He continues: “It’s derivative crap and his wife can’t act.” Oderus then goes on to add, “He’s a media construct. You go to a show and you see Dracula and Frankenstein, okay – that was original about a hundred years ago, Rob.”

Oderus Urungus then goes on to share that he “bitches about him” because Zombie had kicked GWAR off a festival of his (which sounds like it would have been the Mayhem Fest that was taking place around the time of this interview). Oderus says the band were kicked off a particular show involving Rob Zombie because, he said, “[Rob Zombie’s] stuff is copy cat derivative bullshit, and the fact that he kept giving his wife these acting jobs – which she obviously can’t act – is nepotism at its finest.”

Leave it to Oderus to not shy away and let his feelings all out! You can check out the full interview featuring the late GWAR frontman below. Below the video interview, we have included other GWAR related stories.

We miss you everyday Dave, and we hope you are at peace <3

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