Watch: During A Live Show, Steve Vai Offered A Young Fan His Guitar And Invited Him To Play Onstage

Wojciech Pędzich, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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While shit has been known to go down at times during concerts, guitarist Steve Vai likes to keep things wholesome. How wholesome you ask? Well, during a recent live show of his, while playing guitar in the middle of the audience, Steve Vai reached out to a young fan and handed him his guitar. He then invited the young fan to come up on stage and perform alongside the rest of Vai’s band.

Vai wrote about this experience via his Instagram, sharing the following:

“On the last show of the European Inviolate Tour on my way to the venue in Barcelona, there was an excited cab driver that wanted me to get into his car to take me to the venue. During the drive, he was very excited to show me a video clip of his son playing ‘For the Love of God’ and I was actually pretty impressed with the way this boy played. During the concert that night, I saw the boy with his dad sitting in the audience, so I decided to make his day… and he certainly kicked some ass! It was a splendid way to cap off an outstanding tour.”

How super awesome and wholesome is that?! Vai is one hell of a cool dude. Per the footage Vai shared, the young fan looks like he had an awesome time. You can check out video footage of this moment below.


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