Watch: South Park Creators Perform ‘America F**k Yeah’ With Primus + Huge 16-Piece Band!

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During a special concert meant to celebrate the history of South Park, the show’s creators joined Primus, Ween, and a 16-piece band to perform “America, Fuck Yeah.” The concert took place on August 10th and celebrated 25 years of South Park.

The adult animated show is packed with a plethora of comical tunes, as well as some musical cameos. In one of the earlier episodes, Korn make an appearance; a Disturbed song has also appeared, Metallica’s James Hetfield sung a song in the South Park movie, and in a more recent episode, a Dying Fetus song was used.

However, as many fans already know, “America, Fuck Yeah” is not a song from the TV show, but from Team America: World Police (a movie created by the creators of South Park). Matt Stone and Trey Parker joined a 16-piece band, Primus and Ween in performing this song live.

We have provided video footage below of this brilliant and funny as hell moment.

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