Someone Made a Pop Punk Version of Master Of Puppets and It’s Uh, Well, Yeah.

Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images
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When a song explodes into the mainstream zeitgeist like Metallica’s ‘Master Of Puppets’ has done this summer, one interesting byproduct that we personally enjoy as music nerds is that musicians from different walks of life flood YouTube with their own different musical interpretations of the song.

Sometimes they’re actually quite good and interesting. Other times, not so much.

On the extreme side of the covers is the below pop punk interpretation of the song.

Look, if you dig it- no shame in that.

Is it technically well done? For sure. We actually dabble in a little pop punk here or there ourselves (the new No Pressure LP is a favorite of this year).

And we’ve got plenty of guilty pleasures that we keep buried under our bed. But a pop punk version of Puppets ain’t for us.

Our thoughts aside, if this type of approach gets some new folks turned on to Metallica and metal in general, we’re all for it. Everyone has their own unique entryway to the genre.

Give it a listen and decide for yourself below, though: