‘I play drums better than my father’: Simon Crahan Says He Doesn’t Care If Haters Compare Vended To Slipknot

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During a conversation with Metal Hammer, drummer Simon Crahan, son of Shawn “Clown” Crahan, said that he doesn’t care if haters compare Vended to that of Slipknot. If you have been following Vended long enough, then you probably know a couple things about them: 1). They offer a killer blend of aggressive metal, and 2). People love to give them shit for their famous dads.

Specifically, people are referring to Simon and Griffin Taylor‘s dads, being Slipknot’s Clown and Corey Taylor, respectively. During this new interview, Simon speaks to how Vended has made great efforts to carve their own path forward towards success. When it comes to people saying that the band are playing off the success of Slipknot, Simon says:

“When people say that kind of thing, I respond back with a clown emoji to be an asshole. It’s not like my dad handed everything to us. His fans are the ones who decided to like us. If you don’t like us, you could just not say anything, but you choose to waste five minutes of your day to say something that’s going to make me laugh my fucking ass off, because I know that I am succeeding. I say, ‘Where is your band?’”

Later on, Simon Crahan then boldly goes on to say that, as “a fact,” he plays drums better than that of his dad.

“I personally don’t have a problem with people relating us to Slipknot. I mean look at our fathers, it’s going to be there. I play drums better than my father and that’s a fact, and when people say Griffin sounds like his dad, well duh, that’s obvious. I honestly think he is going to be better than his dad.”

What are your personal thoughts regarding Vended? Do you think they will be the next big metal band?

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