Sid Wilson Says It’s ‘Funny’ How People Are Just Noticing That His Animatronic Head Mimics Corey Taylor

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Back in July we wrote about Sid Wilson‘s new animatronic head. This disembodied robot head features a very human-like appearance and moves its mouth along to the band’s music. In a new interview with Knotfest, Wilson talked about this animatronic head and added that it is in fact mimicking Slipknot singer Corey Taylor.

During his conversation with Knotfest, the Slipknot turntablist talked about how he finds it funny that people are just noticing the robot head mimicking Corey. Speaking to people just making this discovery, this is what Sid had to say:

“It’s funny because now that I’m carrying it around, people notice that it mimics Corey. And not as many people noticed that when I was wearing it, it was doing that. But now that I’m carrying it around, everyone’s like, ‘Oh, it’s mimicking Corey.’ It’s singing and talking and whatever with him.”

Wilson adds, “It’s just funny to see it in magazines and stuff that now, now it’s animated. I’m like, ‘No, it’s always been animated.'”

This new mask of Wilson’s is the second he has had in the band to feature animatronics. Speaking to his interest in animatronic masks, Sid Wilson shared the following:

“I look at humans very weird. We’re kind of like robots in a sense, but we’re like organic, right? So it’s this transition of the creator sort of thing. It’s disassembling the original, piece by piece, and now it’s just the head. It’s finally shedding away. There’s little hints with different masks from different albums as well to where you’re able to intertwine them all in a sense. It’s sort of like we’re just ghosts or these spirits and we can inhabit what material we want.”

We love how the mask mimics Corey – there is a fascinating and eerie quality to such a performance. What are your thoughts regarding Sid’s new mask? Among all the Slipknot masks, where would you personally rank this (in terms of how bad ass it looks)? You can check out the full interview featuring Sid Wilson below.

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