Watch: Security Guard At A Metal Festival Cuts Loose And Goes Crowd Surfing

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While some security guards may just chill and watch over crowds at a metal festival, there are those who like to be part of the action. Recently, Portugal’s Vagos Metal Fest took place, and one of the bands who performed at that festival was that of Windrose.

During Windrose’s set, one of the security guards overlooking the crowd decided it was about time he joined in on the fun. In one of the videos you will find below, you will see said security guard being lifted from the area between the audience and the stage; the guard is then carried towards the direction of the audience, his arms outstretched as he crowd surfs.

You don’t always see security get in on the action like this guy; there is also another video below that comically highlights one security guard just chilling and doing his job, while the guy at the Windrose show is partying.

You can find the two videos featuring this security guard below.


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On the flipside of wholesome, do you remember when Megadeth‘s Dave Mustaine went off on an aggressive security guard? This incident took place on May 6th at a show in Nashville, Tennessee. The Megadeth singer caught wind of a security guard who was apparently going up on the barricade and going off at people in the crowd. This really got to Mustaine, and prior to the band performing their song “She-Wolf,” the Megadeth singer took to his microphone and decided to share a few words with said security guard. Link to that story can be found below.

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Speaking of other rowdy fans at hardcore/metal festivals, did you hear about the woman who performed a “pussy slam” at a recent God’s Hate show? She also took to a pit later that day and started twerking to Gulth’s set. Link to story below.

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