Watch: Rob Zombie Takes Viewers On A Tour Of His Own Horror Movie Memorabilia

Rob Zombie's Memorabilia Tour: Shudder, YouTube
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Rob Zombie has made a plethora of really awesome films, so it only makes sense that his collection of personal horror movie memorabilia is totally epic.

A few years ago, the horror movie streaming platform Shudder worked with Zombie to bring viewers a special tour of his own horror movie memorabilia.

This tour involves memorabilia from Zombie’s own movies.

In the video you will find below, Zombie features a plethora of masks, weapons, costumes, and props from the following films: House of 1000 Corpses, Halloween, Halloween 2, The Lords of Salem, and 31.


If Zombie were to gift you one item from this collection, which item would you want the most? Of the current films he has made, which is your favorite Rob Zombie movie? Some months ago we actually ranked all of his current films. Below we have included an excerpt from our number five pick – Halloween – but you can find the full ranking via the link below.

“Remakes of classic horror movies can sometimes be looked down upon, but you know what, we really like the Rob Zombie Halloween remake. While bringing a much more savage Michael Myers to the silver screen (as compared to other versions of Myers), Zombie also offers audiences a more… personal Michael Myers. This is perhaps the one big point of debate among horror fans, given that The Shape (Michael Myers) is supposed to be the embodiment of evil. We find that the origin that Zombie has created helps to build upon that myth – that this boy has become so consumed by evil, that now he is a force of nature. As big fans of the original Halloween movie, we may be part of the minority, but we think that between the horror action and elements of psychology taking place, the Rob Zombie Halloween movie is pretty killer!”

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