‘Nu Metal Godfather’ Ross Robinson Says He Was Not A Fan Of Slipknot At First

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During a recent conversation with Metal Hammer, producer Ross Robinson shared that he was not a fan of Slipknot the first time he heard their music. This is pretty ironic, given that Robinson would eventually produce the band’s 1999 studio album debut.

Per an article that is in the latest issue of Metal Hammer, Robinson talked about how he came across the band’s demo Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat., and how he was not a fan of it. Speaking to that demo, Robinson shared the following:

“The first demo I didn’t really like and it kind of sat there. Then, their acting manager, at the time, worked at a radio station in Iowa. She was a programmer, and she only knew one person in LA to try to get it signed, and she goes, ‘Do you know how to get a hold of Ross Robinson?’ And he goes, ‘I do, because I manage him.’”

Ross Robinson then goes on to talk about when he met the band, sharing how the guys were not in their masks, sharing how Corey Taylor‘s face was “so fucking animated and awesome.” He also speaks to being blown away by their live performance.

“They didn’t have masks on.  I remember Corey’s face, so fucking animated and awesome.  They played the next night, and [at first] I was like, ‘Oh, man, the mask is not relating like it was in the rehearsal room. His eyes and his face were so cool, this isn’t as good.’

“But with the masks, the performance was fucking insane; people were just killin’ each other inside the club, and the smile on my face was indescribable. I think the masks allowed ’em to become something other than their egoic self; they were able to let all of their identity go and become something else that they couldn’t be otherwise.”

It’s awesome to hear how things worked out for both Ross and Slipknot in the end! Per this same interview, the producer also spoke to embracing the title of “Godfather of Nu Metal.”

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