Watch: One-Armed Drummer’s Performance Of Lamb Of God’s ‘Laid To Rest’ Is Incredible

One Arm Drummer Plays LAMB OF GOD "Laid To Rest" - Jack Thomas: Jack Thomas, YouTube
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Jack Thomas is an incredibly skilled drummer on YouTube who recently performed a drum cover of the Lamb Of God song “Laid to Rest.” Something to note about Jack is that he also happens to have one arm; per the “About” section on his YouTube channel, Jack speaks to his experience as a musician, and also how he ended up losing his other arm:

“My name is Jack Thomas. I’m a 24 year old musician, audio engineer, music producer, and motivational speaker. I’ve been playing music for over 10 years. I started playing the bass guitar just before I turned 10, and picked up the drums at the age of 13. In that time, I taught myself guitar and a little bit of piano. On September 4th, 2015, my right arm was torn off at the elbow by a conveyor belt at the recycling plant I was working at. I recovered and have been working on becoming a great drummer again. I’ve performed in numerous bands, produced albums for other local bands as well as my own, and have been a session musician for countless music recording projects. I am currently an active member of the local music scene.”

That is such a horrible experience to have had to go through; we are thankful that Jack ended up recovering and are blown away by his musicianship. Jack has covered a plethora of heavy tracks, and among his more recent videos is a drum cover of the Lamb Of God song “Laid to Rest.” You can check out Jack’s performance of the song below:

What a bad ass performance! Awesome work Jack! In other Lamb Of God news, actor Ethan Hawke recently shared that he is a fan of the album cover artwork for Omens (the band’s upcoming new record). The band also just released the second single off that record as well, being the self-titled track. Links to both these stories can be found below.

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