‘It felt like we were getting on everyone’s tits’: Oli Sykes Understands The Past Hate For Bring Me The Horizon

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Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes has a very “interesting” take on his band (assuming he was someone from the outside looking in).

Via a recent conversation with The Telegraph, Oli Sykes talks about the progress that the band has made over the years. Specifically, he says that it has taken a lot of work for the band to get to where they are now, and he understands the past hate directed at the band. Per Sykes:

“I don’t quite know how we’ve turned things around. We were so derided 15 years ago, it felt like we were getting on everyone’s tits. I’ve got zero bitterness to anyone who used to hate our band though. If I weren’t in it, I’d have probably thought we were a bunch of wankers as well. We’ve worked hard to become a proper band though and I think people respect that. It feels like people are on our side now, rather than constantly trying to knock us down a peg.”

That sure is one hell of a take. Personally, we think Bring Me The Horizon has always been a blast (and they have only gotten better with time). Are you of the same mind? Or, do you think the band sound a lot better now than what they used to sound like?

In other Oli Sykes related news, back in June, the frontman said that the Kardashians are helping to make rock and metal more relevant; he also shared that rock and metal were never meant to be mainstream music genres. Oli sure is a guy with interesting takes!

Earlier today we wrote about a friend of Oli’s, being that of popstar Ed Sheeran. Back in February, Sheeran teamed up with Bring Me The Horizon (and their collaboration sounds pretty cool). You can check out that collaboration via the link below.

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