‘Demi is a huge rock and metal fan’: Nita Strauss Speaks To Joining Demi Lovato’s Touring Band

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Back In July, guitarist Nita Strauss shared that she would be exiting that of Alice Cooper‘s band; not long after that news came out, it was reported that Nita would be joining that of pop star Demi Lovato’s touring band.

In a new interview with Louder, Nita Strauss was asked a variety of questions, with many pertaining to her work in Lovato’s band. Among those questions was how she came to join Demi’s band, to which Nita shares the following:

“So I actually got a text from Demi’s musical director when I was on the road with my solo band on the Black Label Society tour, and essentially what it said was what we all know now: Demi is a huge rock and metal fan. And Demi wants to go back to her routes and wants to put together an all-female rock band. She’s really one of the biggest stars in the world and she wants to take a step into our genre and this style of music that we love so much. When you get that text, that somebody wants to bring that type of music to the forefront, how do you say no? How do you turn down this opportunity to bring this style of music to so many more people? So I was thrilled to hear about it and I jumped at the opportunity.

“This was all way back in May. It’s been in the works for a really long time. I’ve seen a lot of stuff out there saying, ‘She jumped ship really fast’. There was nothing that happened fast, I think people just found out about it all at once. First and foremost, I went to Alice and Sheryl for their blessing which they were so happy to give. Then I went to Alice’s management and started rehearsal with Demi. I did my first TV appearance with Demi, I believe it was three days after the last Alice show, so it was really out of the frying pan and into the fire. But her team has been really fun to work with, the band is incredible, the musical director, Demi herself, it’s just been a really good experience overall.”

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