‘I know he’s super picky’: Nergal Speaks To Working With Ghost’s Tobias Forge On A New Song

Nergal: Behemoth Facebook / Tobias Forge: © pitpony.photography / CC-BY-SA-3.0 (www.pitpony.photography.de), Wikimedia Commons
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*Editor’s note: It has been brought to our attention that “Under the Spell” is actually a song that is part of Nergal’s side project, Me And That Man. We have updated the article.

While discussing the upcoming new Behemoth album, band frontman Nergal spoke to a pretty neat collaboration he took part in. In an interview with Rock Sverige, the Behemoth singer shared that he has worked with none other than Ghost frontman Tobias Forge.

The song is called “Under the Spell,” a track that is part of Nergal’s Me And That Man side project. The Behemoth frontman was asked to comment on what it was like working with Forge. Do you think working with Forge ended up being a stressful process for Nergal? Well, here is what the Behemoth singer had to say for himself:

“Very focused and he’s very aware of what he’s doing and he knows exactly what he wants to achieve when he does, as in this case, his vocal performance. It was really cool to see him in the studio, how he works and I was surprised by the way he approached some stuff. I don’t want to reveal anything because maybe he wants to keep it a secret. It was really fun and we spent a whole day in the studio and then we went out for dinner and then we mixed the song. I’m very happy with the song and we open every set we play this summer with that song and it´s well received and people dig it. I’m super happy that we managed to collaborate. I know he’s super picky. He told me beforehand ‘Man, I did one collaboration before that didn´t go really well and I´m not very happy, so I´m very picky…’ then he also told me, because we were in the middle of the pandemic ‘I don’t like to work and you’re in another country. I’d rather meet in the studio and see where we can take it.’ I said ok and booked a flight in the middle of the pandemic and I flew to Stockholm and then we sat in the studio and took it from there. It was very organic work and I’m very proud of it. He told me that he was very happy with it.”

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