‘We never pretend to be able to touch those guys’: Muse Singer Cites Son’s Fandom Of Slipknot For Inspiring Band’s ‘Metal Sound’

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Muse and Slipknot are not two bands you tend to associate together. Muse have not only trolled Slipknot before, but they have even performed a brief cover of their song “Duality.” But it looks like the Slipknot x Muse rabbit hole goes even deeper, for during a recent conversation via Apple Music with Zane Lowe, band singer Matt Bellamy spoke to Slipknot having an impact on the Muse’s upcoming record.

To be more precise, what ended up getting Bellamy more involved in Slipknot’s music is his son, Bing. Bing is apparently a big Slipknot fan, and his enjoyment of the nu metal act has inspired his dad. Per this new interview, Bellamy speaks to how much he has enjoyed incorporating metal elements into the band’s music.

“That was what was refreshing about it. It was nice to actually find something that we weren’t good at, do you know what I mean, and actually try and get really good at. Because metal, it turns out these metal players are absolute geniuses.”

The interviewer then says that the band has been metal-adjacent for sometime. Bellamy then goes on to share about how his son’s interest in Slipknot has played a factor in shaping the Muse’s metal sound on their new record.

“It also coincides with a little bit of my son, Bing, who’s really gotten into like Slipknot and stuff like that. And we never pretend to be able to touch those guys, but hearing that stuff blasting on the way to school most mornings, that really kind of got into the album a little bit.”

That is pretty cool to hear how Matt’s son got him more into Slipknot’s music! Maybe with a little more influence Muse will go full-on nu metal with their next record. The band recently put out a single titled “Kill Or Be Killed,” which offers a metal edge that has caught folks by surprise. You can check out the song for yourself below. You can also check out the full interview featuring Matt Bellamy below too.

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