New Data Shows That Metallica Have Sold More Tickets Than Taylor Swift And Beyoncé Combined!

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Per data shared by Pollstar, thrash titans Metallica look to be the most successful touring metal band (in regards to ticket sales). This data involves the number of tickets sold for a particular artist/band, as well as the gross amount of money those tickets equal too; this information is based on the past four decades.

Per a written statement provided alongside this data, here is part of what Pollstar had to say:

“As ‘The Voice of Live’ during the past four decades, Pollstar has consistently documented the state of the live entertainment industry from year to year with a commitment that has never changed. Along with editorial coverage of contemporary newsmakers and the hottest stories of the day, we have also charted box-office success of the industry’s biggest players. With ticket sales figures shared by talent buyers, venues, booking agents and artist managers, our aim is to highlight live performers and properly present the box-office impact of their endeavors on concert stages around the globe.

“As part of the coverage for our 40th anniversary, we have created three special charts that reflect the overall impact of box-office realities during the four decades of the Pollstar Era, beginning in 1980 through the present.”

Based on this data, we can see that Metallica have sold 19,468,173 tickets, at a gross value of $1,219,599,179. When you look at the data associated with tickets sold, and you look at all their competition – Metallica are ranked in sixth place for most tickets solid. For context, first place went to U2, who have sold 26,178,043 tickets.

But what is extra surreal is when you look throughout this data and see how much Metallica have out-performed other pop stars. For example, Metallica have sold more tickets than Taylor Swift and Beyoncé combined! For context, Taylor Swift has sold 9,564,669 tickets and Beyoncé has sold 9,388,305 tickets. That is wild!

It also goes without saying that the band also beat out every other metal act on this list. If you are curious to see this data for yourself, you can check out the charts here via this link. What do you make of how super successful Metallica have been?

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