Max Cavalera Talks Getting Original Soulfly Line-Up Together To Celebrate Anniversary Of Band’s Debut Album

Jonas Rogowski, CC BY-SA 3.0, (Wikimedia Commons)
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The debut self-titled Soulfly album will be turning 25 years old next year, and to celebrate this landmark achievement, band frontman Max Cavalera would love to get the band’s original line-up back together.

During a conversation with Metal Injection, Cavalera spoke to this anniversary and how great it would be to bring back the original members of the band. Per Max:

“I know next year is 25 years of Soulfly I. Hopefully we do something [to] celebrate that as well. I would like to even maybe play the whole record. It would be great. Maybe even get the original guys to do it – get [drummer Roy Mayorga, bassist Marcelo Dias, and guitarist Lúcio Oliviera], bring [Lúcio] out of Brazil to do this. It would be amazing.”

Would you be excited to see the original band line-up come together for an anniversary tour/show? In a recent conversation with us, Max spoke to the idea of a theoretical Sepultura reunion. Curious to know what he said about that? Find out now by following the link below.

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Soulfly recently put out a brand new album titled Totem. We talked with Max a lot about this new record, and he shared a great deal of insight into the themes the record explores (lyrically speaking). You can find the link to the full interview below, but this is what Max had to say about choosing the album’s title:

“So once again, I was in a studio without a name. You know, it happens a lot of times. For many of my records I was in the studio and I didn’t have a name for the record; you just keep on going until you find the name, and then maybe you steered the record a little bit in the direction of the name. That was the case for Chaos A.D., it was called Propaganda for a long time. I think Soulfly 3 was called Downstroy for a long time, and [at the] last minute I changed it. So this one was no different.

“I had a bunch of songs [in the works], but I was feeling that the songs were going towards a little bit [of a] spiritual, nature side of things. I was doing a bunch of reading about stuff, and I came upon some articles about totem poles and I was like, ‘Cool.’ I started reading and I didn’t know that they were so powerful and they meant so much for the native tribes, and I thought that was a cool name. The original actual name [for the album] was Totem Obscurum, but [that felt like] a bit too much so we just shortened it to Totem. I kind of like Totem Obscurum. I thought that was kind of cool. It was a little bit more black metal.”

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