‘It doesn’t exist to simply push buttons or be edgy’: Lorna Shore Guitarist Comments On Their Controversial Album Cover

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Apparently, some people have found the album cover for the upcoming Lorna Shore album to be unsettling. The band will be releasing their new album, titled Pain Remains, this October.

The album cover for Pain Remains features someone holding a knife right against their neck – as if preparing to slit their throat. Per a statement provided via the band’s Instagram account, Lorna Shore guitarist Adam De Micco has shared the significance behind this image. While there is no intention to be edgy or shocking, Adam speaks to what the goal behind Pain Remains is (what he is striving to express through the album).

Per Adam:

“From Adam:

“’Art should comfort the disturbed and disturbed the comfortable’ -Banksy

“While some seem to be upset, dislike or flat out hate our latest album art, the main thing I gather is a misunderstanding. This isn’t an explanation to change your mind it’s simply my story. The art is a representation of where I was mentally and emotionally while making this record and more importantly where I spend most of my days. Personally I’ve been struggling with depression and suicidal ideations for as long as I can remember. This past year it has been at what feels like its all time worst. Where anyone would expect me to feel my best, be my happiest and on top of the world I couldn’t be any further from it.

“I wrote this record at one of my lowest points in life. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Everyday I woke up with thoughts of a knife to my throat fueled by the pain that felt unbearable, uncomfortable and down right frightening. It felt like the only option and finally be at peace.

“Unfortunately there are individuals who suffer and resonate with this cover. They suffer in silence and walk with an immense amount of pain. Their life isn’t a fake entity in a fictional place surrounded by a pallet of colors. It feels hopeless and bleak.

“This album isn’t meant to get a rise or reaction out of people. It doesn’t exist to simply push buttons or be edgy. It’s to be an escape for those who need it. To have their story told when the words escape them. To feel something and remind them what it’s like to be alive. I feel a purpose as an artist is to be the space between an individual and this shit storm that is life. To offer temporary relief and silence the noise that can be unbearable at times. We all deserve peace from things that may haunts us.”

We understand where Adam is coming from, as well as what he is striving to express through Pain Remains. We hope that he has found greater peace today, and are looking forward to the new Lorna Shore album.

If you or someone you know are experiencing suicidal ideations, call the National Suicide Lifeline: 988

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