Legendary Stoner Metal Band Sleep Pressing Weed into Reissue of Classic LP

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Outside of the almighty Black Sabbath (and maybe Kyuss), it’s safe to say most fans would put Sleep up there as one of the greatest stoner rock & metal bands of all time. Dopesmoker, created in the mid-90’s, caused a rift in their relationship with then-label London Records, who refused to release the album after finding out that the album was essentially one hour-long song. Whoopsies.

In an attempt to try to ‘salvage’ (e.g. recoup their investment), the label took their own creative liberty. Essentially, they tried to remix and dissect the track into individual songs so that they could market it and sell it as one “true” full length album.

The situation was a breaking point for Sleep, who actually decided to disband due to the label strife. The album was of course ultimately released, and went on to be considered a bona fide classic of the underground. Sleep have since returned, releasing new music and slaying bong-ripped stages all over the world.

But now, the band are taking their stoner persona to the next level by pressing Dopesmoker with actual cannabis leaves into the wax. Per the band’s Instagram post:

“Announcing Sleep’s landmark album Dopesmoker will be available remastered from original tapes on streaming services this Friday, August 26. There will be two new vinyl variants of the album. Alongside a black vinyl LP, which will be available for pre-order on Friday, pure, unadulterated, authentic cannabis leaves are encapsulated in PVC for the first time ever to create a deluxe “Weedian High-Fi” pressing of the album, exclusively available at Third Man Records. Also included for the first time digitally is the deep cut “Hot Lava Man,” which will also be available on these vinyl pressings.”

Per the official press release, looks like you won’t be able to purchase this specific weed variant online:

“Manufactured by the custom, bespoke vinyl experts at Third Man Pressing in Detroit (in partnership with Doghouse Farms Premium Cannabis), this beautiful vinyl contains the quintessential representation of Sleep’s plant of choice, the seven-pointed pot leaf embedded in a “mosquito-in-amber” fashion within the LP. Due to the nature of the materials, this version will only be available for purchase in-person at Third Man Records Cass Corridor.”



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