Lars Ulrich had his Security Sneak Him in to a Turnstile Gig

Lars by Greg2600 via Wikipedia. Turnstile by Cody Cowan.
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Say what you will about Metallica legend Lars Ulrich, but the guy genuinely seems to care about bands and artists that are bubbling up in the punk/metal/hardcore underground. From watching Deafheaven side stage, to playing Brutus on his Apple Music radio show & then reaching out via email to meet them in Belgium before a Metallica gig, he’s definitely paying attention.

So it makes perfect sense that Mr. Ulrich recently sought out a glimpse of the biggest hardcore band of the moment, Turnstile.

According to a new show called HardLore: Stories From Tour, hosts Bo Lueders (of Chicago’s excellent Harm’s Way) and Colin Young (of California’s also excellent God’s Hate, Twitching Tongues, etc.), Lars went incognito at a Turnstile gig after they played Lollapalooza. You can check out some of that conversation below, including Bo and Colin’s point that Turnstile blowing up has quickly turned in to a win for the hardcore scene at large.

You can check out the full conversation below via video (and transcribed via text as well):


Bo: So Turnstile played Thursday at Lollapalooza and then they did a secret show “after show” on Sunday night. I believe at the Subterranean that’s a 400 cap room, so it’s packed

Colin: Is there a barricade? 

Bo: No, you played there, you played there on the No Warning Life and Death [tour]

Colin: Yeah, yeah that was awesome

Bo: On your birthday yeah

Colin: That was my birthday 

Bo: And uh Taylor

Colin: Second time in Chicago just, so you know no shit, Knights of Columbia 

Bo: I wasn’t there for that but I remember it

Colin: That one was good that was very early but yeah continue, proceed…

Bo: Tesu [sp?] of the rumble, of course a friend of the show & booker supreme was posting videos and she was texting me there was a little section, sectioned off on the balcony of for a one Lars Ulrich who came to the show just to see them for one song. Snuck in through the fire escape or I should say was snuck in through the fire escape.

Colin Fucking Batman over here.

Bo: Because I mean he’s not gonna walk through you know … I mean he’s arguably one of the most famous musicians right, so like… and even if none of those like Zoomer kids in the crowd would have known

Colin: somebody would have said something

Bo: SOMEBODY, I would have lost my God damn mind. So Lars Ulrich at the Turnstile show

Colin: Awesome. I didn’t understand. I didn’t know the context of those photos I didn’t know that that was Lars seeking out Turnstile

Bo: Yeah fucking crazy right?

Colin: Here’s the thing- thanks Turnstile for this Sound & Fury you know because I feel like the residual – this is Turnstile existing to 5,000 person open-air Sound & Fury pipeline

Bo: Dude it is quite literally the definition of the, is it colloquially of a rising tide raises all ships

Colin: Yeah rising tides are fucking floating boats or what was it?

Bo: Uh Turnstile killing it is helping literally everyone adjacent and involved in the scene as far as a piece of music goes, and it’s fucking amazing, it’s very dope and cool and sick

Colin: All of the above

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