Kiss’s Paul Stanley Calls For ‘Unified News’ And No ‘Poisonous Bickering’

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Recently, via his Twitter, Kiss singer Paul Stanley expressed his frustrations with American news outlets, asking for “a more unified news.” As to what prompted the Kiss frontman to express these views, that is not entirely sure.

On his Twitter, Stanley shared a collage that featured the logos and names of several American TV news outlets, like that of Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC. Along with this collage, Paul Stanley wrote the following:

“WANT TO HAVE A MORE UNIFIED COUNTRY? Have a more unified news! Not poisonous bickering & slanted distortions on BOTH sides. How can we form educated points of view when we’re not getting the unbiased truth? We don’t need networks pushing opinions. We need ACCURACY. We need FACTS.”

What do you make of what the Kiss frontman has to say about American TV news outlets like Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC? In other Paul Stanley related news, back in March, the singer called out Kim Kardashian regarding some advice she provided to young women in business. In April, Stanley also called out Elon Musk over his purchase of Twitter. Links to both of these stories can be found below.

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In June, via a video uploaded by a YouTube user, Kiss were accused of lip syncing during a recent live concert. This was a matter that ex-band member Ace Frehley would end up mentioning during one of his live shows (poking fun at Kiss). To see footage of both of these incidents, you can follow both their respective links below.

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