Jinjer Bassist Eugene Abdukhanov Says The War In Ukraine Inspired The Band To Write New Music

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During a recent conversation with EMP, Jinjer bassist Eugene Abdukhanov shared how the war taking place in Ukraine inspired the band to write new music.

Per this interview, after a serious of different pop culture related questions, Abdukhanov is asked what is next for the band. He then says “music,” and goes on to elaborate.

“We actually have some songs written already. Because of the war [taking place in Ukraine], we had nothing else to do, and we were inspired, let’s say, by the events in a different way. When there were a lot of bombings in Kyiv and we had to hide in the shelters from the Russian bombs, Vlad wrote a lot — our drummer wrote a lot. This is what drove him, I think. As soon as the Russians withdrew from Kyiv, I wrote some songs. So we already have some songs written.”

Jinjer, and all the people of Ukraine, have gone through so much suffering; we send all our love to the people of Ukraine who are facing such extreme horror, and hope that this war ends soon. You can find the full conversation featuring Eugene Abdukhanov below. How excited are you to hear new music from Jinjer?

In other Jinjer related news, band singer Tatiana Shmayluk recently spoke to what it has been like for her to be touring again. Back in June, the band received special support from the Ukrainian Ministry Of Culture to embark on a tour where they would help raise funds and awareness regarding the war in Ukraine. Also back in June, Abdukhanov talked about what it has been like navigating the Russia-Ukraine War. At one point during the interview, Abdukhanov shares, “I saw things that I, before that, only saw in movies.”

Speaking of the war in Russia, Russian deathcore act Slaughter To Prevail recently put out an anti-war song.

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