Holy Cow, This Is How Much The Mötley Crüe Tour Makes Per Show?!

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Per some recent data that looks over the past month of live shows, we are able to see how much money (on average) the Mötley Crüe Stadium Tour makes per show. And folks, it is a wild number!

The Stadium Tour features Mötley Crüe, Joan Jett & The BlackheartsPoison, and Def Leppard. This data comes from that of Pollstar’s Live 75 chart, which looks at shows over the past 30 days. The data provides a look at the average gross amount of money made (per show), as well as the average number of tickets sold (per show). The data also considers how many shows each act has taken part in within the past 30 days.

So what is the lowdown on the numbers associated with the Mötley Crüe and Def Leppard Stadium Tour? Well, per show, The Stadium Tour sells 36, 513 tickets per show, and grosses $4, 962,861 per show! Damn that is a lot of dough! Then again, we are talking about four majorly popular acts that have the mans to draw in large crowds on their own.

Pollstar’s Live 75 chart happens to provide information in a “ranking” order – showing who has sold more tickets and made more money compared to other acts. So considering the past 30 days of live shows, are there any other metal bands that are in the top ten? Yes there are!

While The Stadium Tour is ranked in fourth place, Iron Maiden are also on this list, ranked at sixth place. The heavy metal legends sell 27, 369 tickets per show, and gross $2,407,637 per show. Keep in mind, while The Stadium Tour data is based on 14 shows, the Iron Maiden data is based on four shows only. So with more Iron Maiden shows coming, we expect those numbers to drastically increase.

And if you are curious about the act who is in first place –  pop star Ed Sheeran sells an average of 73,340 tickets per show, and grosses $6,310,499 per show. If you want to check out this chart for yourself, follow this link here.

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