Watch: New Hellraiser Movie Gets Release Date + First Look At Actress Jamie Clayton As Pinhead

Pinhead: Entertainment Film Distributors / Jamie Clayton: Jamie Clayton, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikipedia
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The upcoming Hellraiser movie now officially has a release date! Also, per this release date trailer, we get a first-look at the new Pinhead.

The new Hellraiser, which is being directed by David Bruckner, will be arriving onto the streaming service Hulu later this year – perfectly just in time for Halloween season! Bruckner’s Hellraiser will be available come October 7th!

Regarding the synopsis of this movie, the film’s Wikipedia shares: “A young woman faces the sadistic, supernatural forces behind an enigmatic puzzlebox responsible for her brother’s disappearance.”

Along with this synopsis, we also know that the film involves some intense violence and nudity, given the rating it recently received. We also know that actress Jamie Clayton is playing that of the iconic Pinhead.

In the brief trailer you will find below, not only does the video confirm the film’s release date, but it also provides us a brief look at Clayton’s Pinhead.

We are beyond thrilled for this movie! Given Bruckner’s work on The Night House and The Ritual, we are extremely confident that this film is going to be amazing. How excited are you for a brand new Hellraiser movie?

In other horror movie related news, we recently received confirmation regarding the distribution of the upcoming new Halloween movie, Halloween Ends! Actress Jamie Lee Curtis (who has played the character of Laurie Strode throughout the Halloween movies) provided this update herself via a video promo.

Speaking of Halloween, did you know that we interviewed horror icon and legend John Carpenter earlier this year? We talked to John about his recent work on the Firestarter soundtrack, as well as his enjoyment of Metallica and Babymetal. In talking about his enjoyment of Babymetal’s music, John Carpenter shared:

“I love Babymetal! Are you kidding me? Have you seen them in concert? They are unbelievable! Their band is unreal; they are just chugging, and these three little girls come out – the performers – and they didn’t know what metal was, [so it] had to [be] explained to them [because they are] so young. [Babymetal] is such a great idea. So much fun. I can’t believe the crowds; I attend their concerts. Wow!

“Anyway I love them. And Metallica, everybody loves Metallica.”

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