Watch: Hardcore Fan Twerks + ‘P***y Slams’ Onstage During Live Show

@ColaBoyy on Twitter / Brody King Photo credit: Rebecca Lader (from God's Hate Twitter)
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When you are going about watching a hardcore show, you don’t always expect to see a fan “pussy slam” on stage. Well, there was such a fan at this year’s Sound & Fury, a hardcore and metal festival.

During the set of God’s Hate (which is the band fronted by All Elite Wrestling star Brody King), one woman got up on stage and performed what one Twitter user called a “drop split and pussy slam.”

You can find video footage of this incident below, along with the full caption from that Twitter user.

“thinking about whoever this is that did a drop split and pussy slam during gods hate. i have feelings for you”

That is one hell of a move, but holy shit, that does not look like a super comfortable stage to be doing such a split on. Additional footage of this hardcore fan was taken later on in the evening when she was found twerking and doing cartwheels in a pit during Gulch’s set.

We do want to call out the one dude who smacked her ass – the fuck are you doing guy? Learn about consent.

Regarding the woman twerking and performing a split during God’s Hate set – we hope you had an awesome time!

Speaking of Brody King, we recently shared a really awesome story involving the God’s Hate frontman. At a recent autograph signing event, AEW star Brody King picked up a fellow wrestler and slammed him right through a table. Folks, it goes without saying – but this is really fucking cool to watch. King even threw the same wrestler off a stage during a Code Orange show! Links to both stories can be found below.

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