‘Halloween Ends’ Will Be Arriving Into Theatres + On Peacock On The Same Day

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For you Michael Myers fans out there, we assume that you have been following the latest films in the Halloween franchise. With David Gordon Green’s Halloween Kills having came out last year, both in theatres and on the streaming service Peacock, Green’s Halloween Ends intends to go about the same release plan!

As of this October 14th, Ends will arrive both in theatres and on Peacock! News of this comes from Laurie Strode herself (aka, actress Jamie Lee Curtis), who took part in a video promo speaking to the release plans for Ends.

Green released his initial take on Halloween back in 2018; Ends will make for the conclusion of his Halloween trilogy. How excited are you to see the conclusion for what has been a super bloody and violent series of films thus far? You can watch Kills now on Peacock as of the time of this writing.

In other horror movie related news, a new Saw movie has been announced! This is the tenth film in the Saw movie series. The upcoming new Hellraiser movie just received its rating. Also horror related, the new Predator movie (Prey) is absolutely amazing! We recently shared a video where someone added metal music to the film’s trailer.

And when it comes to horror movies, of course it is the perfect time to bring up Rob Zombie. While Zombie’s next flick is a romantic-comedy (being that of The Munsters), Zombie has made plenty of horror movies. We actually ranked his movies from worst to best sometime ago; curious to know which movie we think is the best Rob Zombie movie? Follow the link below to find out! We also did a breakdown of how much money each Rob Zombie movie has made.

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