Has Dope’s Edsel Been The Secret Singer Of Static-X All These Years? Edsel Provides Answer

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Since the passing of Wayne Static, a masked individual by the name of Xer0 has been performing in Static-X as their front person. This new singer stepped in around 2019 and took part in a tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band’s debut album.

Though the identity of Xero has never been officially revealed, many believe this individual to be that of Dope frontman Edsel Dope. Edsel took part in a recent conversation with Audio Ink Radio and was asked if he truly is the front person for Static-X. This is all that Edsel had to share:

“This is a fun question, and I can answer it for you like this. I would say that I’m certainly involved with Static-X. I produced the record, and I’m in the process of producing another one right now. I kind of like to consider myself to be the creative director for Static-X, because there was a big void left by Wayne, and somebody needed to step in that had that sort of capability. But as far as who’s singing for Static-X under the mask, I think it’s important for me or for us to say that the goal was for there only to ever be only one living, breathing singer of Static-X, and that’s Wayne Static.”

He continues, “As long as we don’t put another face to Static-X, then Wayne will always be the face of Static-X, and I think that is ultimately the goal. So, the idea was to create an entity, for lack of better words- a masked entity that could allow Static-X to live on and go out and perform while keeping the focus on the three guys that helped start the band with Wayne and somebody there to represent Wayne as opposed to replace Wayne. So, I’m definitely involved with Static-X. They’re friends, and I’m here for them. But, the last thing that I’m ever interested in is seeing is Edsel Dope being the focus of Static-X. That’s not something I’d be interested in being. So, Edsel Dope is not the singer of Static-X.”

What do you make of what Edsel has shared here? Do you think he is telling the truth and someone else is truly the front person for the band? Or, do you think it is really him, and he would rather that information be kept hidden, so Wayne Static remains the face of the band?

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