‘Everybody is just yelling at me’: Dino Cazares Talks About Taking His Time To Reveal New Fear Factory Singer

Frank Schwichtenberg, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia Commons
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Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares recently talked about how excited he is to debut the band’s new vocalist. It has been a couple years since ex-band singer, Burton C. Bell, exited the band.

In a conversation with This Day In Metal, Dino talked about his efforts to keep the identity of the new Fear Factory vocalist secret; he goes on to share how people have been nosey online and pushing for him to reveal details, but that he wants to reveal who the new singer is alongside a new song.

This is what Dino had to say about keeping the identity of the new Fear Factory singer secret (as transcribed by Blabbermouth):

“A lot of people online are asking me about Fear Factory: ‘When the fuck are you gonna release a song? When are you gonna announce a singer’ Blah blah blah, and all that stuff. And I’m, like, look, I’m just taking my time and I want this to be right. I’m taking my time, and it’s gonna be fucking amazing. People want me to rush things right away, and I just don’t wanna rush things. ‘Just fucking tell us who the singer is, you fuck.’ Everybody is just yelling at me, telling me things like that. And I’m, like, just be patient. Just be patient.”

“I just want this to be amazing. I want the track and the singer to be announced at the same time, so everybody can be excited on the song. ‘Cause if I announce the singer right now, ‘Ah, fuck that guy.’ They haven’t even heard the guy yet and they’re gonna be talking shit. So I want them to hear it and see him — it’s a him, yes — so they can get excited about it.”

Who do you think could be the new Fear Factory vocalist? You can check out the full interview featuring Dino Cazares below.

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