Watch: Holy S**t, Did You Know Snoop Dogg Once Covered Metallica’s ‘Sad But True’ Live?

Snoop Dogg: Snoop Dogg Facebook / Lars Ulrich: Metallica Facebook
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In 2003, as part of a special MTV event, rapper Snoop Dogg performed a live cover of Metallica‘s “Sad But True.” There have been a plethora of artists from outside the world of heavy metal to cover Metallica’s music (like that of Miley Cyrus, as an example). But Snoop Dogg covering a Metallica song? Now that is bad ass!

Snoop’s live cover of “Sad But True” was part of an MTV event where several artists came together to cover Metallica’s music. In the video you will find below that features Snoop’s cover, you will also see members of Metallica watching his performance (Lars Ulrich seems to be really enjoying Snoop’s cover).

Rapper Snoop Dogg covers Metallica

What do you make of Snoop’s cover of Metallica’s “Sad But True”? We wonder what other metal bands Snoop Dogg might be into other than Metallica.

In other news related to Metallica, did you happen to see the recent video of the band jamming alongside Stranger Things‘ Joe Quinn (the actor who plays Eddie Munson)? You may have heard how the band paid tribute to Eddie Munson during their Lollapalooza set  – so it must have been a great surprise to the band to bump into Quinn. Link to that story can be found below.

Watch: Stranger Things Actor Joe Quinn Jams Out With Metallica

Band guitarist Kirk Hammett also recently spoke to the idea of him creating horror movie soundtracks. He also talked about a recent horror movie that he finds to be really good.

‘I never had any doubt that I could do it’: Kirk Hammett Talks About Interest In Creating Horror Movie Soundtracks

Last month, we shared an interview where Kirk Hammett spoke about trying to get Nirvana to tour alongside Metallica back in 1992, but band frontman Kurt Cobain refused the offer. Why was that? It actually had something to do with the other band touring alongside Metallica – Guns N Roses. To learn all the details behind this story, follow the link below.

‘I pleaded with him’: Metallica Guitarist Tried To Get Nirvana To Open For Them Once, But Kurt Cobain Said No