Dave Mustaine Provides Context Regarding The Judas Priest Crew Member He Lost His S**t At

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You may recall that, last month, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine lost his shit during a live show and went off on a Judas Priest crew member. Mustaine took to calling the crew member a “pussy” and “cunt” – it was not one of Dave’s most pleasant moments.

Well, per a recent conversation with TalkShopLive, Mustaine provided some context regarding why he lost his shit. He says that, prior to losing it on the Judas Priest crew member, Megadeth had dealt with several interruptions before that particular moment. When it came to the third time of being interrupted by a soundcheck, Dave said that was “enough.” The following quotes have been transcribed by Blabbermouth:

“Recently I had an outburst onstage, and it was one of the only ones I’ve had in years. And it wasn’t because somebody did something and I just reacted. It was the third time something had happened to us, and by the third time it happened, I just said ‘enough.’

“We were in Belgium, [at the] Graspop [Metal Meeting festival]. And Whitesnake’s road crew thought it was okay to soundcheck during our set. Talk about amateurs. Then Deep Purple did the same thing a couple of days later at Hellfest [in France]. More amateurs. I know the band wouldn’t have done that. And then the last time it happened, on the very last show of the tour, the crew for Judas Priest did it. And I lost it. I almost went over there and said something to the guy’s face because I was just burning hot; I was so mad.”

Mustaine goes on to add that he forgives the crew for going about their soundcheck during Megadeth’s performance, but also emphasizes that it was an unprofessional move on their part.

“There are two ways to look at this here. Total unprofessionalism on the part of the crews and on the part of the stage managers, the production managers at those festivals. Do I think the promoter did it? No, I don’t think the promoter did it. Do I think the bandmembers did it? No, I don’t think so. In fact, we just finished a tribute song we were working on for Judas Priest, and if I thought the band did it, I would have stopped doing the song.

“A lot of these [crew] guys, they go out on the road and they don’t get paid very well. So they drink, they smoke, they do whatever — some do, some don’t. But you find the people that don’t do that, those are the ones that are the professionals; they know not to do that. Do I hate these people? No. Was it uncool? Yeah. Do I forgive ’em? Totally. But it still was one of those things.”

Considering the context behind this story, do you think Dave was in the right to lose his shit? You can find the full interview featuring Dave Mustaine below.

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