‘I couldn’t even believe there was a controversy’: Dave Davidson Of Revocation Talks About People Discovering Metallica Through Stranger Things

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During a recent appearance on The Jasta Show, while discussing a variety of subjects (like the band’s upcoming new album Netherheaven), Dave Davidson of Revocation spoke to how he feels about younger folks just discovering Metallica through Stanger Things.

At one point during their conversation, Jamey Jasta and Dave are talking about folks coming out to metal concerts (considering shut downs during the pandemic) and how nice it has been to see people at shows. Dave then goes on to talk about how much he really enjoys seeing the growing diversity that is taking place within the metal community, and this prompts Jamey to bring up Stranger Things.

Jamey goes on to talk about how Metallica may be a good start for folks who are new to metal; maybe they check out Pantera next, because they are just a little heavier, and then starting getting into heavier music. Speaking to folks discovering Metallica through Stranger Things, Dave shares the following:

“I couldn’t even believe there was a controversy over the Metallica, Stranger Things – I’m like, ‘Really? At this stage? Who cares.’ They’re a household name to begin with, right? It’s actually surprising to me that everyone doesn’t know Metallica at this point. The only thing that was surprising was like, kids haven’t heard of Metallica?

“I think it’s cool. That’s a whole new generation. They’re gonna check that out. Obviously 100-percent of the kids that are checking out Metallica for the first time aren’t gonna just go from point A to Revocation or whatever, but it’s a trickle down effect. Even if 10-percent get into the metal underground from that massive amount of people, that’s still a good influx of people that are getting into the scene. Who knows how many of those people spin off and start their own bands and put some creativity out into the scene that helps grow the scene even further.”

Davidson makes a solid point regarding Metallica being a gateway band for folks; someone’s initial interest in Metallica could lead them to another band, that eventually leads them to another band, and so on and so forth. Are you someone who got more into Metallica because of Stranger Things?

While some folks have gotten into the band thanks to the Netflix show, there are other folks who are not super pleased with Metallica. A video was uploaded the other day on TikTok that goes over some of the band’s problematic elements (such as past racist comments). Link to that story and more can be found below. You can also find the full conversation involving Dave Davidson of Revocation below.

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