‘He was heavily involved in trying to infiltrate that tour’: Corey Feldman Accuses Marilyn Manson Of Sabotaging His 2017 Tour

Marilyn Manson: rawpic / CC-BY-SA-4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Marilyn_Manson_-_2018153011914_2018-06-01_Rock_am_Ring_-_1D_X_MK_II_-_1212_-_B70I1283_(cropped).jpg /Corey Feldman: Louise Palanker, CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikipedia
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Via an exclusive conversation with Consequence, actor and musician Corey Feldman recently shared that Marilyn Manson allegedly sabotaged his 2017 Heavenly Tour. In talking about Manson and this tour, Feldman shares how the tour went array and that he has collected evidence regarding the shock-rocker’s involvement in allegedly sabotaging the tour. Speaking to the disastrous nature of the Heavenly Tour, Corey Feldman shares:

“The ‘Heavenly Tour’ was definitely the exact opposite of that. It was the ‘Hellish Tour.’ But that was due to infiltration. We had people that were sent in that were spies that were not there to be musicians but were there to cause mayhem.”

He later goes on to talk about planted backup singers that were requested to perform badly.

“They were purposely singing off-key. Playing wrong parts, doing stuff like that so we would get negative attention, get negative reviews. And then made all these terrible allegations after the tour ended, saying that we didn’t feed them and we didn’t pay them, and they didn’t shower. Just stupid stuff.”

Feldman also speaks to a bus incident where things went poorly:

“The bus broke down ten times. It happened to be Marilyn Manson’s bus, and when I say ‘happened to,’ I say that lightly. It happened to be Marilyn Manson’s bus driver and it happened to Marilyn Manson’s girlfriend that happened to be part of the band or one of the girlfriends.”

In the past, Feldman has spoken to his issues with Marilyn Manson, having been publicly open about alleged years of emotional and mental abuse he has endured from Manson. Regarding Feldman’s accusations, representatives of Manson have not responded to multiple requests to comment. When he is asked why Manson would want to infiltrate and sabotage his tour, Feldman says that he is not sure.

“Yes, he was heavily involved in trying to infiltrate that tour. I don’t really know the reason. I can’t tell you, other than the fact that we just know that he was behind the scenes of a lot of stuff.”

This is not the first time someone has spoken to Manson allegedly interfering in their live performances. The last time we heard about Manson, a lawsuit filed against him regarding allegations of sexual harassment and assault had been dismissed by a judge.

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