‘There’s a real connection between music and wrestling’: Chris Jericho Talks Similarities Between Wrestling + Heavy Music

Chris Jericho: Simon, CC BY 2.0, Wikimedia Commons / Fozzy: Fozzy Facebook
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Chris Jericho has been working in the world of wrestling since the ’90s; come 1999, he would end up forming his own heavy metal band, Fozzy. To this day, Jericho continues to work in both fields, performing with Fozzy and kicking ass in the ring (Chris Jericho is currently signed to AEW – All Elite Wrestling).

During a recent conversation with Classic Rock, Jericho was asked if music is a popular topic that comes up in the locker room of wrestling shows. It is also worth noting that Jericho’s entrance music is actually one of Fozzy’s own songs, that being “Judas.”

The AEW wrestler went on to say that “There’s a real connection between music and wrestling,” and spoke to the similarities that wrestling and heavy music share. Per Chris Jericho:

“There’s a real connection between music and wrestling. Heavy metal, hard rock, rap – anything aggressive and high-energy with a lot of fan interaction. A great frontman is like a great wrestler: if you can connect with the audience they’ll always be excited and interested in what you’re doing. After I started using Judas, people started singing on their own – every Wednesday on national TV. I think I’m the only guy to come into the ring to my own song.”

Do you agree that metal and wrestling share similar qualities? Municipal Waste singer Tony Foresta has shared a similar sentiment. In a past interview with us, Tony spoke to how wrestling embraces a heavy metal spirit, sharing:

“I mean, especially like with thrash metal or whatever, there’s a certain fun aggression to it where it’s like friendly violence. I think that’s a term that Gary Holt said about Exodus at one point. But yeah, it’s like everyone’s there to witness crazy shit go down, but nobody is really out there to try and kill each other. And when you see a wrestling audience, it’s very similar to a metal audience, where everyone is there to yell and talk shit and and get rowdy. But they’re all there for the same cause and they’re all having a good time looking out for each other. And I feel like that it’s very similar to like the metal scene – and maybe that’s what attracted me to it that early on. But yeah, it’s fun and I love being a part of both of those things.”

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