Cannibal Corpse Guitarist’s Wife Made That Viral Nude Painting of Tommy Lee

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Since it’s been pretty much impossible to escape the past few days, you very likely know that Tommy Lee posted a full on naked photo of himself across his social media accounts in the middle of the night. Why? Who really knows, but it’s nothing if not on brand for Mr. Lee.

The incident quickly went viral, trending on social media platforms like Twitter and causing a bit of an uproar in the process from those who found it a bit hypocritical that a dude can show a full on raging dick pick while god forbid a woman’s nipple comes out on the internet and the censors have a meltdown.

After the initial insanity of dick-pic-gate subsided, Tommy stoked the flames again by reposting a well-done artistic interpretation of the original photo. Since it wasn’t a full on original photograph, he was able to use the painting as a loophole to let it all, well, hang out on Instagram without getting taken down for nudity. But what’s interesting to us metalheads is that the artist who made that painting of Tommy is none other than Ziva Barrett, wife of the legendary Rob Barrett of Cannibal Corpse fame.

Per Ziva’s Instagram: “When Tommy Lee “hands” you a dick pic, you don’t ask questions, you grab a (big) canvas instead and get to work… still got some minor details to finish tomorrow when it’s dry but this is basically it”:


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Given that the painting has since blown up and gone viral, Ziva has made a limited edition print run of 500 copies of the painting, which you can purchase here in her store. If Tommy Lee naked in your living room isn’t your thing, fear not, as she’s a talented artist who has other paintings for sale of Slayer, Lemmy, Rob Halford, Corpsegrinder (naturally) & more.

Now go turn up some ‘Hammer Smashed Face’ & follow Ziva Barrett here on Instagram.