Brendon Small Says He’s ‘In the middle of making’ The Metalocalypse Movie

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During a recent conversation with 93.3 WMMR Rocks!, Brendon Small (the creator of Metalocalypse), shared some updates regarding the upcoming Dethklok movie!

Dethklok is a fictional death metal band from the Adult Swim cartoon show Metalocalypse. The show primarily focuses on the random chaos that takes place within and around the band’s life. The band consists of Nathan Explosion (vocals), Skwisgaar Skwigelf (lead guitar), Toki Wartooth (rhythm guitar), Pickles (drums), and William Murderface (bass). 

It has been quite a few years since we have seen anything from Metalocalypse; when it comes to the show, several questions were left unanswered in its finale. But Small says those questions will be answered in this new Metalocalypse movie. Speaking to the current state of this project, Small shared the following:

“I can tell you… what has already been released, which is that we are making a feature Metalocalypse movie, and that’s what we’re in production on right now. So we’re right in the middle of making the movie, so all the questions that were still lingering after The Doomstar Requiem (a 1 hour long rock opera special) are being answered… I don’t want to say too much about it, but it’s a very big project, we’re all excited to be knee deep in it right now.”

When asked about a release date for the film, Small shared: “That will be up to [Adult Swim] to discern. I just know that I’ve still got work to do.”

He did make sure to add this as well regarding the Dethklok movie: “I can say one thing: it WILL be brutal.”

Back in April, Gene Hoglan (of ex-Testament and ex-Fear Factory) mentioned that he was working on material regarding this project as well. To learn more about what he said, follow the link below. How excited are you for a Dethklok movie?!

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